Recruitment is the process of actively seeking out, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. The recruitment definition includes the entire hiring process, from inception to the individual recruit's integration into the company.

Talent management is the attraction, selection, and retention of employees, which involves a combination of HR processes across the employee life cycle. It encompasses workforce planning, employee engagement, learning and development, performance management, recruiting, onboarding, succession and retention.


The recruitment process may vary from company to company based on the organizational structure, selection process, nature of operations, etc. But at Doheney Services, we have a well-planned recruitment process that helps the hiring team recruit the right candidate.  

The 7-step recruitment process that helps us at Doheney Services to find, attract and retain the right kind of candidates are:

1.   Identify the hiring needs

2.   Prepare job descriptions

3.   Devise recruitment strategy

4.   Screen and shortlist candidates

5.   Conduct interviews

6.   Evaluate and make the offer

7.   Onboard the new employee

1.   Identify the hiring needs

What are your existing hiring needs? Maybe an employee just left or a new job position just opened. Once you identify the vacancies that exist, you can then define the job specifications such as skills, knowledge, experience, etc. 

2.   Prepare job descriptions

Once you know the skills, knowledge and experience gaps you need to fill, define the job role, responsibilities and duties. 

3.   Devise your recruitment strategy

This is where you decide how to attract and retain the ideal candidates. Here you should consider whether you can find a possible candidate from within the company itself or whether you need to hire from outside. 

In your strategy, you need to consider

  • The geographical area you’ll be targeting
  • The method of recruitment (employee referrals, social media, video interviews, etc.) 
  • Creating relevant job ads
  • Channels for posting job ads (social media networks, job boards, company websites, etc.)

A complete job description helps you know what to look for in potential candidates. It also serves as a checklist for candidates to tick before they decide they are suitable for the role and apply- which means, more relevant candidates.

4.   Screen and shortlist candidates

Your recruitment strategy was a huge success and has accumulated a sky-high pile of applications. What’s next?? 

Here are the steps to follow when facing this exact challenge

  • First, sort through the applications to find the ones with minimum qualifications 
  • Then separate resumes with the preferred credentials. Here, consider the applicant’s experiences, certifications, domain technical competencies, and skills. 
  • Those candidates who have the minimum qualifications and the required credentials should be shortlisted. 
  • If there are any concerns regarding their application, make a note to get them clarified during the interview.

5.   Interview Process

After the application form or the job advert, this is where your potential candidate will come in direct contact with you. So it’s time to make a good impression on them as potential employers. And this is where you need to be concerned about candidate experience the most. 

6.   Make the offer

This is the time to check with the candidate’s references. And if everything checks out, you can make the offer. However, there’s a chance that the first promising candidate you have selected might not accept it. In which case, you need to be prepared to extend the offer to the second best or third best candidate. 

7.   Employee Onboarding

Then comes employee onboarding. This is where you make the new employee settle in. This does not only include showing the new person around the office and introducing them to others. This also includes helping them understand their responsibilities and providing the necessary resources and training to help them learn.

Increasing candidate flow and conversion rate has become a common challenge in many organizations. To attract the right talent at the right time, you need to have an efficient recruitment process in place. So, to hire and build a successful team, partner with Doheney Services which is one the best human resources company in Lagos, to help you get the right candidate in place.