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Setting up and maintaining a high-energy environment at the workplace requires concerted effort, but can have big payoffs. A how-to guide for building and sustaining high-energy workplaces

When you walk into a workplace and instantly feel how tense it is, the best action to take is to immediately start looking for ways to fix it. One of the main ways to deal with this issue at hand is finding ways to build and sustain high-energy workplaces.

What do low-energy workplaces really mean?

First, one myth that must be shattered is that employees in such organizations don’t love what they do. In fact, every job and form of employment is a combination of crests and troughs, excitement and monotony, successes and failures.

A low-energy workplace is one of those places where people hate to go to work. It's slow, boring, and there are no activities to participate in. There are no chances for people to engage or have fun with each other.

What high-energy employees and the environment can do for the organization

A high-energy workplace is one that is really exciting. There are tons of things for people to do that are productive but also fun. There are team-building activities, fun games, and people are energized. There's a real buzz in the air with people wanting to be at work.

There are so many benefits of such an environment. It makes everything exciting – from ordering staid lunches to thrashing out weekly reports. It lightens the mood to the point of employees wanting to come into work for their daily dose of fun before moving on to serious issues. It encourages constant innovation, from the smallest projects to the big-ticket wins. It works perfectly towards a collaborative culture. Friends and people who have fun together are known to have each other's backs and make powerful, high-performance teams.

The essential ingredients of a high-energy workplace

The following steps can help change the mood of your workplace.

1)    Hire for Energy: People who are too laid back will not be able to produce results. Employees who have energy are more likely to be noticed by their superiors. Be sure that your employees are energetic, so you can see them being productive at work on a daily basis.

2)    Have Fun Together: Make sure the employees are socializing with each other. Office hangouts are perfect for situations where employees are a little isolated from each other. Maybe due to the workspace or hybrid work situations. To fix this, try having fun together outside of work by going out for drinks or engaging in friendly competitions.

3)    Encourage Communication: Do not allow one person in your team to take control of everything. Allow all members to participate in meetings and brainstorming sessions because if just one person controls everything, then it will become difficult for others to speak up when issues arise.

4)    Be a Mentor: If you want individuals in your team to excel, show interest in their growth and development. HR firms specialize in understanding what makes a company a desirable place to work because they understand that employees want to feel appreciated for the work they do. Make sure that you are providing training opportunities for your employees so that they can improve their skills.

5)   Be Transparent: If your teammates trust each other, then this will encourage them to come together as one team. Doheney Services LTD has an extensive guide on creating transparency within businesses because it is a crucial factor when individuals work together successfully. When people don't feel as if others had their back, their morale lowers, which decreases productivity.

 6)    Get Rid of Toxic Individuals: Sometimes certain people just do not fit in with the culture of your organization, so it is best to cut them out of the picture. At Doheney, we organize training that helps spot negative personalities and develop their work culture, as this will help you get rid of people that are not on board with team goals.

7)    Celebrate Successes: When your employees are succeeding, then make sure that they know about it! Reward these individuals for their hard work and dedication by offering them special gifts.

Celebrate success on an individual basis, group basis, or even company-wide.

8)    Have Clear Purpose: When there is no sense of clarity within your organization then it causes employees to feel unmotivated because they don't understand the bigger picture. We offer life coaching training at Doheney Services Ltd on how one can show purpose to their employees by creating mission statements or offering different training for them.

  9)    Have Fun Outside of Work: Employees are more likely to work hard if they feel like there is a balance between their personal life and work life. By having the team participate in events outside the office, it will make it easier for them to bond with one another because they will be able to connect on a deeper level.

10)    Offer Competitive Wages: A bit of competition within your company is healthy! Allow your employees to bid against each other in order to see who does the best job this week. This encourages everyone to perform at their best so that they can win the bid. 

A low-energy, the low-on-positivity workplace is contagious, so it is important that you do everything you can to foster an environment where people are happy because this will ultimately increase productivity, among other things. Make sure that your employees are high-energy, so they can bring positivity to their organization. 

If you want your workers to understand what your company's purpose, start by creating mission statements or holding training about this so that everyone knows where they stand within the bigger picture.