How we got a company's customer care unit set up and running in 72 hours.

Our client needed 15 qualified customer care officers to resume immediately.

It had an all-too-familiar need: Get its workforce unit working as soon as possible. We implemented a and effective solution.

Stay with us while we show you what we did to help. 

  • The challenge

Every company prays for an overflow of customers. Our client was not an exemption from that, and when the blessing rained, there was a need for expansion.

Our clients in the medical industry got an overflow of customers and clients with little people available to attend to them and before things turned sour, they decided to reach out to us. 

We were asked to sort out the right people, interview, and present qualified candidates available for immediate resumption.

What We Did

We reached into our bank of candidates, gathered what we had, and sorted out for more candidates. 

But because of the uniqueness of our client's need (immediate resumption). We had to sort out for only people who live nearby and are available to come in for interviews and training. 

  • First step

We had CVs sorted out accordingly to their location, availability, and desire to resume immediately if found suitable. 

Each prospective candidate was reached and discussed understanding their current position and if they are available to take up possible interviews and jobs.

  • Second step

After filtering hundreds of CVs, we chose our first set of candidates for interviews, which was conducted on the second day. 

  • Third step

The successful candidates were reached out to and scheduled a training section with them for the next day. 

  • Fourth

We got our best trainers available on the day to prepare the successful candidates for their resumption.

They were given the basic training for their job role as required. And within 72 hours, we had 15 successful, trained candidates to resume work immediately. 

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