Christmas Wishlist Ideas for Employees and Colleagues

Depending on how well you know your employees, selecting the best gift for them can be either a breeze or a nightmare. Not to mention looking for a budget-friendly yet "office-appropriate" gift. But not to worry, we did the research and came up with a list of gift ideas for the workplace. This could be the guide you are looking for: 

Gift Cards 

Gift cards are always an excellent choice for corporate gifting, especially during the holiday season. They are flexible and can be used in many different ways, allowing your employees to choose how they would like to use them. If you serve the company that delivers the gift card, it could be a great way to show appreciation to your client. 

Gift Basket

A gift basket is always a great choice, and every employee would love it. The beauty of gift baskets is being able to put whatever you like inside them regardless of your budget because they can be filled with various festive gifts. You could get this readily made in a supermarket or make it a custom-made basket. Some gift basket items could include chocolate, cereals, coffee, and many more goodies.

Scented Candles 

Scented candles are a thoughtful gift for anyone, but especially for those who love to be reminded of happy memories. The warm, inviting scents of candles can transport us back to happy moments in the past, like frothy milk, cardamom, and yummy cake baking in the oven. It could be great for female employees.

Infused Water Bottle

This Christmas, give your employees the gift of health with infusion water bottles. This expresses the thought of how much the organisation values their health. Infusion water bottles allow users to add fruits and vegetables, infusing the water with nutrients and vitamins.

Mini Desk Vacuum

Desk vacuums are a great way to help your employees keep their work area clean and healthy. Using mini vacuums, your employees can quickly and easily remove dirt and dust from their desks, keyboards, and other surfaces. This could also be helpful to some of your employees that work remotely. 

Personalised Mug

Employees love personalised gifts, making them feel proud to be a part of the organisation. You can get mugs with the employee's favourite quotes and pictures or Christmas messages signed by the company to make the gift even more special.

Power Bank

You can never go wrong with a portable power bank. This will come in handy for your staff when their phone batteries are running low, and they need to make an important call or finish some work. With the power situation in some African countries, most employees would be okay with having two power banks.


Your employees who are always on the go for business meetings will appreciate a stylish and practical backpack. To make this a perfect gift, make it a customised backpack. A backpack is ideal for carrying work materials or books. The soft fabric will make it comfortable to wear, and the pretty design will make it a fashionable accessory.

Neck Pillow

Making sure your employees feel comfortable while working is one of the most important things employers can do. If your employees regularly travel for work, consider giving them a neck pillow for Christmas. It's a small gesture that can make a big difference in their comfort and job satisfaction.

Wooden Desk Organisers

To avoid a cluttered environment, gifting your employees a desk organiser will help them keep their belongings in pristine condition and an organised manner. It seems like a simple and sleek box from the outside, but it's a beautifully designed way to organise all of their desk items (watches, phones, laptop cases, keys) that they use daily.

Bluetooth Sleep Mask

A sleep mask with Bluetooth technology is the perfect gift if you have a colleague who loves listening to music, even when trying to sleep. They can listen to their favourite playlist or podcast while they drift off to sleep, and the mask will help them stay asleep even if there's noise in the background.

3-in-1 Wireless Charger

This holiday season, get your colleagues the gift that will keep giving - the Wireless Charging Station and Stand from Apple. This top-rated gift is perfect for any Apple user as it offers a sleek and compact design that can hold an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once, so they can charge their devices wirelessly and without the hassle of cords getting in the way. Plus, its elegant white finish is sure to complement any home décor.

Mini Instant Camera

The Mini instant camera is the perfect Christmas gift for your colleague or friend who loves to take pictures! Now they can take all the photos they want and not worry about filling up their camera roll.

Game Board Set

What makes the holiday season unique for every professional is that they can finally spend quality time with their loved ones. You can give them a game board set to make such moments even more joyful. The set includes classic games like chess, dominos, tic-tac-toe, and more.

Tracker Tag

If you have a colleague constantly losing their stuff, they'll appreciate the gift of tracker tags. With these tags, they can keep track of their belongings using an iPhone or iPad.

Warm Socks 

Cute socks are always great if you need help deciding what gift to give someone. They're cosy, and everyone loves a good pair of socks. Plus, they're always helpful, so your colleague will appreciate them.

Oil Diffuser/ Humidifier

Everyone wants to have a humidifier or an essential oil diffuser in their home or office because they help create a pleasant aroma and keep the air moist, which is especially important in winter. Some diffusers also help to purify the air by killing bacteria.

Workout Belt

If you have a friend who loves to run or work out, they will be grateful for a breathable running belt with pockets and compartments. This is a convenient way to keep keys, cards, earbuds, and other small items close by during a vigorous workout.

Box of Chocolate

Christmas celebrations are never complete without adding chocolate; the same could be said for Christmas gifts. Though gifting chocolates has become a typical scene during Christmas, it remains one of the most popular gift items. Therefore, consider giving your colleagues a lovely chocolate gift box as a part of your Christmas love!

Sleep Aid Device

A sleep aid device could be a great gift idea for a colleague. It helps users get to sleep in under 30 minutes, so they can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.


If you have a colleague, employee or boss on a journey of self-discovery, a guided gratitude journal would be an excellent gift to help them along the way. This type of journal allows the individual to record their thoughts and reflect on their days, providing a safe place to express themselves.

Mini Smart Speaker

It is a great gift idea if your boss is a music person. The holidays are coming, and what better way to show your boss you care than by getting them a little extra help around the office? Gift your boss a mini smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in, so your boss can do everything from dimming the light to checking the weather with just the sound of their voice.

Oven Mitt

An oven mitt is the perfect Christmas gift for the home chef or aspiring baker in your office! It's great for protecting their hands from hot things in the kitchen, and it's sure to make their baking experiences that much better.